O comfort my people,says your God"

                     Isaiah 40 verse 1

Peace I leave with you;
my peace I give you ...
Do not let your hearts be troubled
and do not be afraid
                      John 14 verse 27

This page is dedicated to the young man I sad next to during the 2010 Hillsong Album Recording.  Throughout the whole evening he sat disconnected beside me on the very back row. As I worshiped God and prayed for survivors of csa, I prayed for the unresponsive man beside me.  After the meeting ended, I sat down and enquired
what was troubling him.
as he blurted out "abondonment"   he started to cry as he blurted out "no one caares"
in his strong American accent which made the word "cares" elongated and haunting.
I assured him that I care.  He replied he could see I do care.  I do.
I gave him my card and all week waited for his call.   it never came.


      Lifeline was set up by Rev Alan Walker after he received a late night phone call from a suisidal man.

     Today there are many Helplines set up to offer :


  • acceptance

  • support

  • care

  • comfort and empathy

There are many survivor services    some are listed on this link

When I feel abondonded I reach out  as I pray and ask God to help me find the support I  need  at the time

sometimes I put my feelings into advocacy  - talking to those who listen and or care

Scripture I find encouraging:

  • Hope in God

  • Trust in God  Proverbs Chapter  3  verse 6

  • being accepted by God  and  knowing God loves me .

Trusting in God to redeem me, to rescue me.

Trusting God to heal my broken heart and set me free where I was held in captivity  Isaiah 61