Sometimes I hit a wall.

  • It might be triggered memories
  • a wall of trauma
  • a wall of fear

best to stop

evaluate the situation

use strategies

ask questions

seek assistance.


talk a step back


sometimes we are pressured to move on

that pressure is not helpful

we need to take our time.



On being released from fear.

       My apologies for not having a referance handy ( hopefully later)

but my trauma release counsellor explained the role of the amygdula.

     We often hear about our fight or flight respose to an external threat,

however there are situations where neither is possable

    and to protect oneself the amygula has a thrid response ,

          namely to freeze to survive.

however once the amygulda has learned this freeze response

( particularly after epeated sexual abuse)

it can become a response in situations where to act is not only posable but desirable.

I want to validate this response

which sadly those who are out to discredit us or who do not understand us

   often use against us

a little understanding would go a long way.   best to discuss with our Counsellors.

          trauma release is a specialised counselling.

    The Lord is our comforter.  ( Psalm 23. etc)   see the link to comfort.

     He sustains us.

                              "His love casts out fear."

      The impartation of God's love is the key to casting out fear.

       helpful to see God's love as having the power of a strong wind

                     a wind powerful enough to drive a heavy wooden sailing ship.

       Hillsong has a song "The power of your love"

                    ( Hillsong Songs can be purchased on  or I tunes  )

      I acknowledge the healing power of God and the release from fear I have personally experienced during worship during Hillsong servives  when I attended.


Ministry for release from fear should be concurrent with therapy / treatment by appropriate health care professionals

such as:

  • sexual asult counsellors
  • trauma release counsellors

there is also related issues such as:

  • building up our broken walls
  • establishing boundaries