Welcome to the resource site for   "Men Opening Hearts to Jesus" . com

       the place to find links to particular symptoms which I have identified during my recovery,  during my research,

and as I talked with other survivors.

        It is condition of reading my sites that

  • one is an adult , a survivor or support person or a  Pastor or health professional.
  • that survivors have a sexual assult counsellor or Counsellor or Psychologist.
  • that I am not perporting to be "an expert"  - just another survivor.
  • read at your own risk .  no liability basis.
  • recognising that  life has many variables.  My responses may or will differ to other survivor

                      depending on many factors - some known and some unforeseen.

 My aim is to write links to symptoms as they arise and as I compile resources.

     In listing some symptoms my intention is NOT to suggest that any of these symptoms are suggesting sexual abuse

I am against labeling people as csa victims on the basis of symptoms

in fact most psychologists and counselors do NOT suggest to clients they may have been sexually abused

so the untrained ought to not jump to conclusions

     besides a survivor needs to come to the place of facing locked away or repressed memories when one is strong enough

 when csa memories surface they are overwhelming enough even in a regulated counselling situation.


my purpose in listing symptoms is that as a survivor I needed to identify and understand what I was feeling and experiencing

in order to work my way through csa issues.

some symptoms   and some manifestations of csa memories are best discussed with sexual assault counsellors

or survivor groups

  •  denial -  our defence  memory release should be regulated   we neeed to prepare ourselves   I prayed for God's help.
  • shame - return to the abuser.  it's not yours    shame belongs to the abuser who imparted it.
  • abondonment -   by those with a duty of care   abondoned in adulthood by those who are themselves avoidant
  • pain -  it hurt   we were left traumatised   see trauma release
  • destraction
  • negative words spoken by the abuser
  • avoidance
  • fear
  • many others

                 praying for answers     searching the scriptures for answers   reading   doing Google searches  talking to health care professionals

                  receiving Pastoral Care from trauma informed Pastors and inadvertant Pastoral Care.