"Why are you cast down

oh my soul?


Hope in God.."

  Palm 42 v 11

Many survivors seek to

deaden the pain.


Some develop adictions:

  • alcohol
  • drugs
  • smoking
  • over eating

After acknowledging that we

have real post csa symptoms

that need


and treatment


we can move on

along our path of  recovery.

"He heals my pain"   ( Ministry)

         A Hillsong Song that really ministered to me has a line  " He took my pain"  ( referance to come)

        This speaks of Christ's ministry in His sufferings and His death on the cross.

               "By His stripes we are healed"


         I have often prayed for the Lord to apply His healing balm to my wounds ( after they are washed and cleansed)

         I pray before and after any treatment.



What do we mean by Pain?

        Adult survivors of sexual abuse ( weather sa occured during childhood, teens or adulthood)  often talk of "the pain.

Sometimes the nature of the pain is specific

sometimes it's generalised.

Types of Pain.

  • emotional pain.   it's real.    usualy discussed with a  Counsellor or Psychologist.

       eg   betrayal, abondonment,  breach of duty of care, abuse of power etc.


  • sexual pain -    sexual asult counsellors.    hospital based sexual assult units.


  • physical pain  -  I experienced muscular pain that is being treated by psysiotherapy or  thereupedic massage

      ( warning.  many survivors are traumatised by touch.  I had years of counsilling before I came to this point)


  •   If a survivor of recent rape, please seek medical treatment at a Hospital or see your Doctor.
  • the

Wounds need to be washed and healing balm applied and  bound ( wraped)

     Weather the wound is physical, sexual or  Emotional,

            the principles of first aid apply.

       Wash the wound

        clean out the foreign objects

        apply healing balm / antiseptic

        bind up  ( stich) the wound and   apply a bandage.

        regularly change the bandage.


 We do it for physical wounds

  why not for  emotional/ spiritual or sexual wounds ?

           Forgiveness washes a wound of the puss of bitterness or resentment,

                   but  the "sword of abuse"  ( whatever that is to you)   needs to be removed.

        What is it that causes the irritation?

             This is a moment of asking the question.

              Sorry. I don't had the prescriptive answer.

               it's the kind of thing to pray about

               it's the kind of thing to concurrently discuss with your therapist. 

         When I have more insight

 or find a book or article I will post it.


ministry and therapy to survivors is a work in progress.










I hope to further develop this page with referances  to sites, and reading.